Photo Gallery  
  Conquering The English Channel  
Training in the Channel water
Statue of Sir Matthew Webb
With some officials of the Channel Swimming association
Body Greasing before plunging for the channel Swim
The Butlin Channel Crossing competition  

With Bimal after he crossed the Channel  

 English Channel Map – Dover, UK 

 In the Dover beach 1985 
Arati, Brojen and Bimal in Kolkata 1993  With Mihir Sen, Bimal & Arati With Arati With one his fan Ms. June 
With Bula Chowdhury With a English girl whom Brojen  Das trained for the Channel swim With Bimal Chandra  With Chanda and Abira Chandra    
With some young swimmers in Dhaka Chanda Das with Ms. Nilofer Ahmed Chanda, Abira, Bidut & Bishwajeet  Dhaka Press Club swimming Pool   
With Bangladesh Ladies swimming team With some members of Bangladesh swimming team SAF Games Dhaka  With Musharraf Hossain 
With Antonio Abertondo   Mr. Billy Butlin with the shield   Dover beach with 2 swimmers  With Mohsin Bhai in UK 1958
With Bimal, Arati  & Rosemary   Reading congratulatory messages 

Party hosted to honor Brojen 

With Greta Anderson – Queen of Channel  
The Dover Beach 1958 With Queen Elizabeth

With Rosemary, Bimal and  Arati

After completing the Channel Swim
  His Family  


Brojen Married Madhu Chanda 

Madhu Chanda  With Madhu Chanda in Puri With his daughter and son

Son Soumojit & daughter Sanghita

With children in a picnic party Chanda was a classical singer    Chanda singing with Sumitra Sen 

Brojen with Sanghita and Ravindra Jain

Chanda taking blessings from her Guruji Ustad Salamt Ali Khan and Ustad Nazakat Ali Khan Kazi Nazrul Islam 

Brojen Das with Ustadji 

Brojen Das with Ustadji  Madhu Chanda with Ravindra Jain Grand daughters of Brojen Das Roshni 


Grand daughters of Brojen Das  Sneha Grand daughters of Brojen Das Sneha