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Pakistan is Proud of Him Says Azam



     The news of Brojen Das’s record- breaking feat yesterday caused no surprise among the sports lover of the city although it aroused considerable enthusiasm among them. As soon as Radio Pakistan broke the news yesterday afternoon it spread like wild fire and was repeatedly announced at the Dacca Stadium swimming pool where the East Pakistan Swimming championship was going on.


    The East Pakistan Governor, Lt. Gen. Azam Khan sent a cable to Das congratulating him for his success. The Governor, who set the cable to the Pakistani High Commissioner in U.K.  to covey the message to Das added: “Pakistan is proud of him”.


    The East Pakistan Sports Federation has also set a congratulatory message to Broje, it was learn. Besides, a number of sport fans including the Director of Fire Services have sent cable congratulating Brojen.


    Our London Correspondent adds that the Pakistani High Commissioner in U.K. General Yusuf personally telephoned Brojen to congratulate him.


Swims Channel in 10 Hours, 35  Min.    







London, Sept 22 : Pakistan Channel swimmer, Brojen Das this morning smashed 11-year-old world record of France to England Channel swim by full 15 minutes.

The 30-years-old swimmer from Dacca, East Pakistan established two world records in one attempt – setting up a new world record of 10 hours 35 minutes from France to England Channel swim and of swimming Channel six times.


    Altogether three world records were set up in Channel swim here this morning, two created by Brojen Das and one by Argentinean swimmer, Antonio Abertondo, who swam the Channel both ways non-stop in 43 hours flat. He thus became first man ever to swim Channel both ways non-stop.


   Brojen Das began his record breaking swim on September 21 at 6 p.m. (GMT) at Cap Gris Nez and finished this morning at 4.35 am (GMT) at Saint Margaret’s Bay, a mile or so from Dover Harbour, Brojen, swam the Channel twice within 12 days which itself is a feat; for no swimmer has yet successfully swam the Channel twice within 12 days.


   A tired Brojen told Morning News after finishing his record-breaking swim this morning that although he has achieved his life ambition for his country and people he was sorry that he could not break the record of 10 hours 50 minutes set in 1950 by an Egyptian swimmer, Hassan Abdel Rahim by full 32 minutes which he could have done. He has further plans up his sleeves but he will think over them before announcing he told me.


   In today’s swim Brojen was accompanied by his manager Mohammed Ali and to him also goes the credit for Brojen’s success, and by J. U. Wood, Sectary, Channel Swimming Association, who acted as official observer. The boat which accompanied him was “Victor” captained by Len Hutchinson  who has accompanied Brojen on all his six crossings.


   Last night the sea was calm and sea temperature was, when he started, 64 degrees which fell by one degree when he finished. His strokes when he started were 62 per minutes and finished downing 42 per minutes. It was BBC Home Service, which broke the news of Brojen’s record-breaking swim to world this morning in its 8 o’clock

After completing the world record channel swim

news giving full details. Brojen is expected to appear on BBC TV this evening.


   Today people of Dover are very happy as “our Brojen” has set up two world record in one attempt as they expected from him.


   Reuter adds: Argentine Swimming Instructor, Antonio Abertondo and Pakistani swimmer Brojen Das today shattered English Channel swimming records.


    Abertondo, 42 landed here to become the first man ever to swim the tough swirling 20-odd miles of sea between England and France each way non-stop. Das set up a 10-hour 35-minutes France to England all time record. Abertondo’s 43-hour history making marathon silenced for ever expert who had believed the feat humanly impossible.


      The 15-stone Buenos Aires swimmer crawled exhausted over the rocks at St. Margarets Bay here as dawn broke today eyes and lips swollen, to throw himself, weeping into the arms of his adviser, Channel swimmer Sam Rocket.


   Mr. Rocket told reporters: “It took Antonio about two hours to complete the last mile. He more or less lost his faculties and only his subconscious kept him going”.


   “During the last few hours he suffered hallucinations. It was agonizing, and I never want to see anything like it again.”  


   Brojen Das, 30 from Dacca arrived at St. Margarets only few minutes after Abertondo. His time shattered the 1950 – France-England record of 10 hours 50 minutes by Egyptian Hassan Abdel Rehim. It was Das’s  sixth Channel swim-two more than any other man. He told reporters : “Next year I hope to attempt the non-stop double.”



With Antonio Abertondo



Brojen Das before the start of the Channel swim in France




             Mr. B Das                                                                                                   15 September  1989

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            Please find enclosed a photocopy of the relevant entry.


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